Board & Committees

The Young Footliters Board of Directors was newly formed in 2016. Board Members serve 3-year terms and are actively involved in making Young Footliters programs possible.

Board of Directors

  • Sara O’Donnell, Chair
  • Liz Croco, Secretary
  • Matt Falduto
  • Bob Jury
  • Kim Martin
  • Beth Reimer
  • Shane Schemmel


Committees are where the hard work happens! Each committee is lead by board members, and include other volunteers, parents, and supporters. If you’re interested in lending a hand, shoot us an e-mail at


Posters, e-mails, press releases, and website updates. It takes a village to keep everyone up to date on Young Footliters’ activity. The Marketing committee assists in many projects – from taking photos to writing copy.
Committee leaders – Liz Croco & Shane Schemmel


The support of our community makes Young Footliters possible. This committee plans events, connects businesses with our program, and helps thank the donors who support our theatre.
Committee leader – Shane Schemmel


We aim to make theatre accessible, engaging, and available to young people in our community. This committee develops programs to reach new kids with the magic of theatre.
Committee leaders – Kim Martin, Bob Jury


Theatre education is all about developing life skills—communication, teamwork, creativity, and self-confidence. This committee develops educational programs and goals to expand our reach, and shape new theatre makers.
Committee leader – Matt Falduto

Volunteer Appreciation

Young Footliters is powered by a family of volunteers. This committee helps make sure everyone has a positive experience, gets thanked for their work, and feels supported.
Committee leader – Beth Reimer

Play Selection

Volunteers, parents, and board members read many plays each year and select shows that meet the goals of Young Footliters’ producing program. This committee primarily meets in Summer and Fall.
Committee leader – Matt Falduto