About Young Footliters


Young Footliters Youth Theatre uses the power of storytelling to create connections, build self-confidence, and inspire creativity in young people. In our theatre community, all are welcome and encouraged to grow and to be themselves. 


Young Footliters Youth Theatre imagines a community in which all young people experience the life-changing effects of theatre and develop a lifelong passion for the arts.



We believe theatre is a vital part of developing well-rounded young people. Through the art of theatrical storytelling, we teach students critical ideas and important skills, such as empathy, concentration, communication, cooperation, problem solving, memorization, and poise.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. We believe that all young people have value and are welcome in our theatre family. Our theatre helps students build meaningful relationships in our diverse community.


We create exceptional learning environments that are supportive, intentional and allow for creativity and growth. We believe an exceptional learning environment leads to artistic excellence. 


We believe theatre provides an outlet for imagination, innovation, and creative expression. We provide opportunities for young people to express themselves onstage and behind the scenes.


We believe in the importance of collaboration and we work to develop positive relationships within our community. We value and celebrate our volunteers, young people, and teaching artists. We use theatre as a vehicle to enrich and bring our community together.