How to Rent the CCPA

Ready to rent? Call us at 319.248.9371 or e-mail Evan Hilsabeck to begin your rental process.

Our Rental Process

1. Availability Check

Most renters begin by checking if the CCPA is available on the day or dates they'd like. You can call us anytime to check the availability of your desired dates. Don't rely on our public calendar, as the CCPA often has rehearsals and other non-public events in the space. To learn more about rental times, and how early you can book the CCPA, check out the next tab, "When can I rent?".

2. Contracting

We'll get your rental started by asking lots of questions about your event. Together we'll talk about your needs, what's possible in our space, and the kinds of staff support, equipment, and time you'll need. We work to understand everything up front so you know exactly what's possible, and any related costs. Once we're all clear, we'll issue you a contract for your rental. For most rentals, you'll only pay a deposit to reserve your date. You can see all the details at the Rental Rates & Fees page.

Have a big idea but aren't sure what you'll need to make it happen? Don't worry! Our team has decades of experience helping organizations and individuals plan and prepare for events. We can work hand-in-hand to bring your event to opening night.

3. Pre-Event Planning

Once your contract is complete, the fun begins! You'll receive an "Event Information Form" to fill out with your team. This form gathers all the information we'll need to handle any ticketing, marketing, and house management needs you might have. Once this step is completed, we can get your event up on our website, and start selling tickets if you choose to use our box office.

In the pre-event planning phase, our technical staff will continue to work with you to answer any questions you have and hire any necessary technicians for your event. We want to make sure everything is just right for your big event.

4. Your Event

It's curtain time! Whether you're renting the lobby for a small reception, or the stage for a week-long theatrical production, our team will support you. Our standard rental rates include all of the necessary staff to welcome your guests and make your event a success. We'll handle your ticketing, provide the ushers, support your technical needs, and work with you from your arrival until the very last light is off!

5. After Your Event

Following your event, you'll receive a Settlement form to close out your rental. It will wrap up any invoices your rental still owes, or enable us to send you a check for your ticket sales. We'll also gather some information about how we can serve you better at your next rental. 

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